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The new weldassistant® Version 6 PRO Edition One Program is for all Tasks NEW. Prepare your WPS according ASME and EU Standards with this Welding Coordination tool  

Welding Coordination tool

Weld assistant information and Costs

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Use the weldassistant® - because your work has to be fast and efficient!

EN 15085 - Welding of railway vehicles and components and more. The WPS Software!! Quickly find the needed WPQR (PQR) Welding Procedure Qualification Record and keep track of the status. 

Manage your WPS’s with the well proven traffic light system. e.g. according to ISO 15614, ISO 17660, AD-2000 Merkblatt, ASME IX

 Welder qualification management and Welding cost calculation

Keep a constant eye on your welder qualification and welders certification. The current status of a welder's certification can be seen at a glance on the "traffic light" symbol. Welder Certificates according to the EU. Keep welding costs under control and calculate to meet market requirements. 

 Compare any calculations with a view to optimizing your weld cost.

 Extremely user friendly and well organized What‘s NEW in Version 6?

Don't type - just click fast, straightforward, compact and any amount of data. Polish off simple tasks 

The fast track to welding solutions, weld procedure and more the WPS program which generates resources  Create WPS acc. ASME Sect. IX  all weldable ASME IX base metals  all P-no. + Group No.  shielding gases acc. AWS SFA 5.3  bilingual ASME IX - WPS printout  more than 2500 drawings

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